Racing Against BRCA (Documentary)

When I finally decided to go through with my bilateral mastectomy, I immediately began doing research on everything related to the surgery. Particularly, I wanted to know what I could expect during the recovery and how it would impact my ability to run and workout. Unfortunately, I found very little information aside from a handful of women saying that they had "tightness in their chest" or that they could "no longer run". It was totally disheartening. I had just started running religiously that year, I had been a long time athlete and played Division 1 soccer in college, so to hear that running won't be the same after this surgery was something that I just could not accept. It was then when I decided that not only will I run again after my surgery, I'm going to race—for the first time in my life— in the 2017 NYC Marathon!

I decided to do this documentary, and my blog Bad Lemons, as a way to pass on information that I never got— to prove to myself and to others, that despite facing a difficult circumstance, it's possible to live a healthy and active lifestyle after this life altering surgery. All of us are different, and not all journeys are the same, but I do hope that by sharing my story with those going through the same thing I went through, they'll be able to apply at least a fraction of my experiences to help make their situation a little bit easier to get through.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the documentary, and if you know of anyone you think could benefit from watching it, please share it with them. I know I would have felt so much comfort in knowing what my future held for me.

All the love, 

Caroline PlankComment