Racing against BRCA: Bonus Clip #5 - Losing Femininity

Losing Femininity
When I was prepping for my surgery, someone asked me something I had never been asked before. The question was, if I felt like I was losing my femininity by having a bilateral mastectomy. That thought had never crossed my mind. To me, I was doing what had to be done and that was it- breasts don't define who I am as a person. Now, I don't know how it would feel like to wake up and have absolutely no breasts, because I was able to go straight to implant. But, I ask those who wake up to a "breastless" chest to be empowered by the strong decision that they made, instead of feeling deflated by the absence of two glands on their chest. I know it will be hard, but I also know that you're so much more than "breasts". 

What defines a woman anyway? What defines a woman, should be based on the her character, the manner in which she treats others, and her morals. A woman should NOT be defined by how big/small her boobs and butt are. My mastectomy, did not take my femininity, but it strengthened it. By having this surgery I have truly found out what it means to be a woman and it's not what's on the outside. I wear my scars proudly and my once smooth breasts now have ripples, but I will not lament on this, instead I will wear my scars and all my flaws as badges. I will find peace and strength in taking control of my life and my future. 

The time is now, ladies, that we reclaim our breasts and femininity for ourselves. 

All the love, 


Caroline Plank